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Consulting services ⭢ Environmental Consulting & Compliance services

🟠 Air Emissions / Annex VI Services ⭢
🟠 USCG/US DOJ Related Services ⭢
🟠 Assessment / rating of company & ships procedures related to environmental compliance / risk ⭢
🟠 Execution of ship environmental audits (expanded or short)
🟠 Review of ship environmental records ⭢
🟠 Bilge water and sludge monitoring and analysis
🟠 Creation / review – restructuring of Environmental Management System (EMS)
🟠 Consulting on certification for the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems & ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems
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🟠 Environmental Training ⭢

In terms of continuous monitoring of the implementation of the ISM and MLC & ISO standards, we can provide Annual Internal Audits to Manning agents ensuring that their practices meet the Company’s standards and their procedures for selection and recruitment are of standards compatible with the SMS. The audit will cover the following elements:

  1. Certification
  2. Seafarer’s Interview Procedure
  3. Authenticity of crew documents
  4. Crew Lists
  5. Minimum Age
  6. Medical Certification
  7. Qualifications of Seafarers
  8. Use of any licensed or certified or regulated private recruitment and placement service
  9. Seafarers Employment Agreements
  10. Payment of Wages
  11. Hours of Work and Hour of Rest
  12. Entitlement to Leave
  13. Repatriation
  14. Manning Levels for the Ships
  15. Onboard Medical Care
  16. Shipowners’ Liability
  17. Social Security
  18. Complaint Procedures
  19. Documentation and Filing
  20. Training Procedure

The Manning Agent audit may be conducted remotely. The remote audit is conducted by requesting the auditee to transmit specific records to the Office to verify the SMS procedures implementation. The audit will be a combination of a review of documents (forms/checklists/printouts); and where necessary, interviews through video calls / online demonstrations, etc. The list of documents to be submitted will be provided through email by the Company.

The Margetis Maritime Auditor will:

  1. Communicate with the auditees via the web and provide any necessary instructions.
  2. Request records and evidence for various implemented procedures. Records can be received through email.
  3. Assess the received records and, when appropriate, cross-check their accuracy.
  4. Conduct interviews with key persons from the Manning Agent’s Organization through a suitable web-based platform. Any additional documentation required can be shared online via the platform during the audit.
  5. Check crew records, certificates, training records, seaman’s books, medical reports, D&A tests, crew contracts, etc. already available in the office, which are sent by the Manning Agent prior to on-signing of every seafarer.
  6. Communicate the report to the auditee for follow-up.