Case: Hull breach due to grounding incident near Skiathos island

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A passenger vessel was involved in a grounding incident near Skiathos island, which resulted in a significant hull breach.

The vessel’s Hull & Machinery Underwriters appointed Margetis Maritime to provide technical consultancy and thorough investigation for the assessment of the case.

Our initial involvement in the case included the monitoring and coordination with the salvors, during their operations for the successful refloating of the vessel. The vessel was under an LOF, while a mishandling of the operations would lead to possible environmental pollution, as the vessel was loaded with several tons of diesel oil, some liters of other lube oils, and still carried several vehicles in her garage.

Upon refloating, the vessel managed to sail (temporary repairs had been completed), in a ballast condition, at the shipyard undertaking her repair works. Our surveyors were constantly on site, being able to monitor and record every step of the vessel’s repairs. As the vessel was hauled ashore, our surveyors identified that due to the grounding the vessel had sustained one major hull breach at her bow, some smaller breaches, and bends at her hull, as well as damage to her coating.

Steel works at the breach area
Steel works at the breach area
Temporary repairs of the vessel's hull breach, prior commencement of permanent repairs
Temporary repairs of the vessel’s hull breach

During our investigation, we examined all elements attributed to the grounding, like weather reports, the vessel’s routes, and other related data, carrying out thorough interviews with the vessel’s Master and crew, which helped us conclude the cause of damage, attributable to Clause 6 of ITCH 1.10.83 “Perils of the Sea”, and required repair works.

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