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Dr. Mustafa Azman is the ex Harbour Master of Istanbul and he joined our Firm in 2017, after resigning from this position. He had previously served as Harbour Master in the ports of Sinop and Mudanya whereas, he was engaged in the capacity of Research Engineer and has served as a Deputy Director General for Merchant Marine in the Ministry of Transport & Maritime Affairs.

Dr. Azman was the Vice Chairman in the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund Assembly (IOPC) and was the Chief Coordinator in the project of establishing the Turkish P&I Insurance. Mustafa was assigned as the Head of the Sea Working Group for Marmara Rail Tube Tunnel, the project linking Europe and Asia up until 2012 and has in the past, served as Deck Officer and later Master in oceangoing vessels. Mustafa Azman is a qualified Master Mariner (unlimited / oceangoing) and has served on board a Rescue & Salvage Tug as officer in the Turkish Navy Forces.

Mustafa is a Doctor of Science with Ph.D. in Istanbul University, Institute of Marine Science and Management, Department of Marine Environment with scholarships such as M.Sc. and a B.Sc. in the Faculty of Physics with Marmara University as well as B.Sc. in Maritime Faculty, Marine Transportation & Engineering with Istanbul Technical University. Dr. Azman is an academic lecturer in Yildiz Technical University in the Ship Construction and Maritime Faculty as well as a Marine Science analyst and counsellor in Istanbul academic community and is a regular author of articles in sectoral publications.

Dr. Azman is a regular participant in overseas courses and events such as Professional Development Courses in Maritime Casualty Investigation (with WMU – World Maritime University of Malmö – Sweden), Oil Spill Exercises & Emergency Response Operations (member of the organizing committee in Istanbul), leader or member of different delegations in professional meetings in Turkey or overseas (IMO Assembly, MSC, FAL, IOPC etc.), lecturer in seminar on the Human Element Influence on Maritime Accidents (REMPEC – 2008 Lisbon) and a moderator, conferencier or participant at various National and International conferences, courses, congress or symposiums.

He is fluent in Turkish and English.

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