Four (4) new services: Vetting, HSSQE Assurance, Environmental, and ESG & Sustainability solutions.

Four (4) new services: Vetting, HSSQE Assurance, Environmental, and ESG & Sustainability solutions.

February 21, 2022

Four (4) new services: Vetting, HSSQE Assurance, Environmental, and ESG & Sustainability solutions.

Four (4) new services: Vetting, HSSQE Assurance, Environmental, and ESG & Sustainability solutions.

February 21, 2022

At Margetis Maritime, we are always closely following the developments in world shipping and our client’s needs, and have developed, the most important project for us in 2022.
Four (4) new services: Vetting, HSSQE Assurance, Environmental, and ESG & Sustainability solutions.

Today, both in Tanker and Bulk carriers Industries, the required application of rules and policies with the main scope of the safety of the crews, cargo, and environment, is day by day stricter, as they are imposed by the key factors of the market, OCIMF, Right Ship, etc.

The new high standards that TMSA3/SIRE 2.0 and DryBMS/RISQ set, demand additional effort by the personnel of the Shipping Companies and Ships to respond and be prepared for any occurred Audit or Inspection. Additionally, the Port State Controls contribute significantly to this difficulty.

In order for, Company and Ship, to be ready and successfully be audited, in many cases, both are needed to be assisted by a professional who acts as Third-Party and participates in the preparation of either the Company against TMSA3/DryBMS and the required records (Navigational/VDR/Mooring/Cargo/ Engineering/ Environmental Audits) or the Ship against SIRE 2.0/RISQ with Pre-Vetting inspections.

Margetis Maritime covers the above requirements and assists Companies and Ships with the following services:

• Pre-Vetting Inspection against SIRE VIQ7/2.0/RISQ

• Pre-PSC Inspection

• Navigational/Mooring/Cargo/Engineering/Environmental Audits

• VDR Analysis

• BCA & Verification assessments (Remotely/Onboard during audit/In Simulated environment)

• Remote Navigational audits combined or not with VDR & BCA

• Open Reporting


Our HSSQE Assurance division is a specialized provider of maritime services in the areas of Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality. These services include consulting, development, documentation, implementation, coordination, monitoring, and training on HSQE functions to shipping Companies achieve continual improvement. In detail:

1) ISM Monthly Consulting Services (HSSEQ & Technical)

2) Development of Management Systems (i.e., Safety, ISO 14001, ISO 9001).

3) Development of Shipboard Manuals and handbooks (incl. Training and familiarization after product delivery)

4) DryBMS development, consulting & training

5) Gap analysis / Update of Company systems (SMS, ISO, etc.) to the latest regulation and industry standards (i.e., against DryBMS, RISQ, Code of Conduct).

6) ISM/ISPS/MLC Internal Audits (office & vessel)

7) HSSQE Familiarization and Training for shore personnel and seafarers

8) PSC response (on the imposed deficiencies)

9) Office & vessel preparation and/or representation during external audits by ROs for interim, initial, or annual certification of DOC/SMC.

10) New Companies’ initial setting up (i.e., Office Library & Filing System, ISM declarations, Company’s IMO assignment, creation of SMS monitoring systems)

11) Third-party audits of Companies appointed Manning Agents against MLC 2006 requirements

The ISM/Quality division follows and complies with all applicable health, safety, quality, and environment laws, rules, regulations & international industry standards (i.e., SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC, ISM Code, ISPS Code, STCW, ISO) and strives to proactively pursue HSQE excellence rather than reacting to them.

The ISM/Quality division with values of “trust”, “proactiveness”, “Knowledgeable”, “concern”, “responsibility” & “loyalty” is committed to delivering products and services to its customers that will move them to operational excellence.

The ISM/Quality division’s vision is to be the chosen ISM/Quality consultant partner, providing its HSQE services to the Greek & Global shipping industry.

At the same time, Margetis Maritime enters the field of Environmental and ESG consulting services, in Shipping. Climate change and the environment have been at the forefront for the last several years and the tension around the relevant problems has turned red.
In partnership with our Houston office in the United States, we can undertake environmental cases related to complex U.S. and US Coast Guard (USCG) regulations, such as preparing ships to be used in US ports, preparing USCG, and environmental inspections.For the last 15 years, we have been constantly investing in our people.

We have strengthened our team with experienced engineers, environmentalists, and shipping experts, and offer a long list of technical environmental solutions for calculating and reporting indicators such as EEXI, CII, carbon footprint, and annual CO2 emission reporting, but also a description of procedures and plans such as environmental management system, waste, fuel, and waste management, refrigeration system management plan – and this list is constantly being enriched.

The company has already internally managed to integrate ESG policies into its operation, having adapted a significant part of its processes to reduce its own corporate environmental footprint, as well as our impact on the climate and the environment related to energy consumption. business travel, waste from our offices, and project management, we have established policies to reduce energy requirements, consumption, and recycling. As it is a dynamic process that can be continuously improved, our ESG team is exploring ways to measure the company’s environmental footprint continuously and accurately.

Always customer-focused, Margetis Maritime is at the level of business consulting alongside shipping companies as it comes from this sector and knows the technical challenges they are called to face.

We want to anticipate developments, take the lead, and prevent situations.

Summary of our new services:
Things are getting more and more complicated

• HSSQE Monthly Consulting Services (D.P.A. Services)

• Review, Drafting, or Upgrading of SMS manuals to the latest Reg. & Industry standards

• Development of shipboard manuals & handbooks

• HSSQE Consulting to New Companies initial setting up in obtaining DOC / ISO Certificates

• Review of Planned Maintenance System Parameters

• Engine and Machinery Performance Monitoring

• Incident Investigation

• ISM/ISPS/MLC/ISO Internal Audits

• HSSQE Familiarization and Training for shore personnel and seafarers

Vetting Services
Make sure you are ready at any time

• Pre-Vetting Audits for Tankers

• Pre-Rightship Audits for Bulk Carriers

• Navigational/Mooring/Cargo Audits

• Remote VDR Audits

• Behavioral Competency Assessment (BCA)

• DryBMS Consulting

• TMSA Consulting • Bunker Surveys

• Preparation for USCG / PSC MOU Expanded inspections

• Dealing with PSC detentions

Environmental Consulting & Compliance Services
Don’t trade in “unchartered waters”

• Assessment of vessels environmental risks

• Consulting on environmental operational controls & Preparation of EMS

• Environmental Compliance Audits (office & vessel)

• Services related to USCG environmental violations, including ECP, CAM & TPA

• Cooperation with Legal Advisors

• Environmental training of shore and ship personnel & creation of custom CBTs

• Environmental Manager duties & review of environmental records

• EU & UK MRV, IMO DCS, EEXI & CII Calculations, carbon footprint consulting

ESG & Sustainability Consulting
Get what your Company needs to Publish your ESG Report:

• Integrated Strategy

• Materiality Analysis

• Setting KPIs

• Collection of Data

• ESG Assessment

• Drafting the complete ESG / Sustainability Report

• Presenting Report and strategy to Financiers

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